For Taiwan’s people, Adventist seeks a better life

Mark A. Kellner, Adventist Review

Although Taiwan is viewed by many as a hub of global prosperity–the island is home to global powers ASUS, Acer and Eva Air, among others–there are pockets of poverty, suffering and disadvantage waiting for the touch of compassion a Christian hand can bring.

Jane Lin happens to possess just those hands.

Lin is executive officer of the Taiwan Adventist Foundation, a registered charity operating on the island and reaching its most-underserved peoples, including indigenous farmers who are often exploited by larger agricultural firms buying their produce; students in elementary schools of fewer than 28 pupils, and Taiwan’s poor, whose homes are sometimes in great disrepair.

“Our vision is to motivate and empower people in Taiwan society to life a healthier life,” Lin said, reciting the group’s credo. This is done through sponsoring projects aimed at helping those in need.

“God has blessed us very much,” Lin said, recalling her first year at the foundation.

For the farmers, it means helping them reach consumers directly at outdoor markets, and encouraging them to grow organic produce. This “creates another market” for the farmers, who she says are often “exploited” when selling to the larger corporations, she said.

“If the farmers get better pay” for their crops, she said, “it means a better standard of living.” She said the group is also helping the farmers to post pictures of their crops on Pinterest, the Internet-based social network, to help create demand for those goods. Read Full Story

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