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History of Muladbucad Seventh-day Adventist Church

Historical Background of SDA Taking Root in Barangay Muladbucad Grande

The late Mr. Jose Palaje, proprietor of the Botica Noah, now looked after by his daughter Miss Mercinia Palaje, related to his relative this story before his demise that one Sunday morning in the 1950’s when he unwrapped his purchases of basic needs, he discovered that the wrapping paper bore the title “VOICE OF PROPHECY,” which aroused his curiosity as well as interest and resulted in his desire to find out what the paper was all about. Inspiration made him share his discovery to his neighbours. They thought of ordering some papers as well as petitioning the office of the Southern Luzon Mission of Seventh Day Adventist in Legazpi City for a pastor to hold a meeting with his group of people over whom the Holy Spirit must have hovered and opened their hearts to Someone Holy and Almighty.

The deceased Mr. Jose Palaje received answer from the office of the Southern Luzon Mission. Not long after Pastor Tobias Frias and his wife came to Muladbucad Grande and after much inquiry located Mr Jose Palaje. Mr. Jose Palaje called the interested group of people for a meeting with Pastor Tobias Frias who made himself known to the group and after a briefing of his purpose in coming to Muladbucad, Pastor Frias and the group settled in an agreement that a nightly Evangelistic meeting will be held at Mr. Jose Palaje’s lot.

Armed with permission from the Barangay Officials and support from the people, Pastor Frias started his nightly Ministry work at 7:30 P.M. But some disturbance occurred. Some influential people came with fire and poles. They threw fire on the roof of the tent. They used the poles to do harm to Pastor Frias who calmly and gently pacified the group.

The audience settled to silence and the ministry work continued. Sobriety ruled up to 9:00 P.M. when the scheduled end time arrived.

The ministry lasted for several weeks. By this time, several people had made their decision to accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour. The first baptism was sometime in the early 1950’s. A church was organized. Then a church building was erected. This building lasted for almost 50 years. During the succeeding consecutive years baptism were made by different pastors. This of course was made possible because of the untiring effort of the pastors and members.

Now the old church building is gone. A new building stands on the same lot which was formerly owned by the late Mr. Jose Palaje. Now owned by his son’s brother Salvador Palaje. This new church building was put up through the unparalleled devotion, unity and unselfishness of the SDA members and generosity of non SDA’s, who graciously welcomed the solicitation letters sent to them by SDA friends. Everything in the church is new but it will remain the same showcase of truth and prayerfulness.

Catalina A. P. Oli
Church Clerk
Muladbcad SDA Church
July 18, 2002