Welcome to the Official Website of Muladbucad Seventh-day Adventist, this site was built on April 25, 2012 by the effort of Efren O. Nolasco Jr (jhunex) and Raissa Peralta-Herrera (rhyz) with the help of all the members of the church.

Muladbucad Seventh-day Adventist Church is located in Barangay Muladbucad Grande, Guinobatan, Albay, Phillipines under West Albay District and Southern Luzon Mission. Built in 1950’s as mentioned in Our Church History.

Our main goal of making this site is to help spread the word of God to the whole world easily thru internet; we all know that people of all ages are now using the internet for their communication, work, studies, shopping, social and more. Internet is a very large place where anything you want is there, any person that needs an answer and they don’t know where to get those answer they search online. By building this site we can give answers to some people that wanted to know about our religion.

To maintain this site to serve better and make additional funds for our church we ask for a voluntary donation to all the visitors of this site, all the donations that we will collect thru this site will be used in maintaining this website, maintenance of the church, additional equipment inside the church and hopefully if we can get enough funds to have our own church pastors that will help us for spreading the word of God in our near community.

Please help us tell the world about the Second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, by giving your extra amount of money. Any amount that you give is big help to us. To donate just click the donate button anywhere you see in this site and you will be directed to a secure form where you can use your card or your paypal account. You can also contact us via mail or email for more information about us by following this link. Thank you and we are hoping for your support.

Muladbucad SDA Brethren