HE’LL BE THERE by Benny Lyn Suratos

He was there…
In the difficulties of my life
In my struggle through happiness
In my quest for self fulfillment
In my journey through complete joy

He was there with…
All the sacrifices I’ve gone through
All the heartaches I kept to myself
All the pains I felt within
All the sorrows I hardly soothed

He is here…
In the lowest point of my life
When I lost my self-worth
When I felt unneeded and unloved
When I felt the world heavily lying on my shoulders.

He’ll be there…
To mend a broken heart
To give me consolation
To provide me with confidence
and strength to keep me going.

He will be there…
Applauding through my success
Joining me in my achievements
As we walk hand in hand
With high hopes, and more mature outlook

He’ll be there
…I know
…God will.