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For some of you who are wondering about the Seventh-day Adventist Church logo, well here’s a letter from the former General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist President Robert S. Folkenberg. This letter was issued last December 1997, the time our logo was revised.


As Seventh-day Adventist Christians there are words and concepts that are precious to us. Words that embody our religious heritage, faith, beliefs, global perspectives and our hope for an eternal future with Christ. Today, I am pleased to present to you a new visual representation of these values. This new corporate logo for the Seventh-day Adventist Church around the world reflects our deep and abiding belief in Jesus Christ as the center of our lives and our faith. It reflects our unwavering commitment to the Bible as the only true Word of God and constantly reminds us that with Christ, His cross, His word, and the burning flame of the Holy Spirit in our hearts, we achieve a unity of purpose known to very few organizations.

My prayer is that this graphic representation of who we are will be used all around the world to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And, that it will become a symbol that is familiar to everyone of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and of its values.

Robert S. Folkenberg
Former President
General Conference


The Meaning of Seventh-day Aventist Logo and Name

The Seventh-day Adventist logo is not just a corporate symbol used on office stationery. It is designed to be more than a collection of symbolic references. The design, as a whole, is intended to reflect the spirit and character of dynamic and growing church. The individual elements that form the basis of the design were carefully selected to represent the beliefs and mission of the church.

The logo is made up of three main graphical elements “the flame, the cross and the open Bible” and the name, “Seventh-day Adventist Church”.

The Flame

This shape is formed by three lines encircling an implied sphere. The lines represent the three angels of Revelation 14 circling the globe and our commission to take the gospel to the entire world. The overall shape forms a flame symbolic of the Holy Spirit.

The lines at the top of the design suggest a continued upward momentum symbolising the resurrection of Christ and the promise that we will ascend to heaven at Christ’s second coming, the ultimate focus of our faith.

The Open Bible

The Bible forms the base of the design and represents the Biblical foundation of our beliefs. It is portrayed in a fully opened position suggesting a full acceptance of God’s word.

The Cross

The symbol of the cross, representing the gospel of salvation, is positioned in the centre of the design to emphasise Christ’s sacrifice, which is the central theme of our faith.

It is also significant that the Bible-representing the law, and the flame-representing the Spirit, come together at the cross.

The Name

Seventh-day refers to the Adventist belief in the biblical “Sabbath”. It is a time set aside for people to connect with God, family and friends and to share in both physical and spiritual rest. The “Sabbath” was observed in the Bible on the seventh day of the calendar, or Saturday. The weekly “Sabbath” is observed from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday globally in all Seventh-day Adventist Churches.
Adventist is a term that describes someone who believes in the “advent” or return of Jesus Christ.
Church is a term used to describe a community of believers who share a common faith and purpose. Seventh-day Adventists are part of a world-wide community that shares common beliefs regardless of nationality, gender or economic status. Our common purpose has been given to us by Jesus as written in chapter 28 of Matthew in the Bible.