A Blessed Day: Muladbucad SDA Church Dedication

News May 8, 2012

The new Muladbucad Church building took about a year to complete. And with the help and active participation of the church members as well as generous donors, Muladbucad Seventh-Day Adventist Church rose from a small house of worship to something that is more presentable and comfortable. Dedicated last August 10, 2002, worshippers are now able to meet with the Lord and give praise to him in a more comfortable environment. Even visitors are more at ease in meeting with the Lord every Sabbath. But the Muladbucad SDA Church dedication wouldn’t have been a success if not for the involvement of church members as well brothers and sisters from other churches.

The Muladbucad SDA Church dedication which took place in the afternoon opened to the hymn “We’ll Build on the Rock” and inviting the Holy Spirit’s presence through the opening prayer was Bro. Jaime Ocfemia. In order to let everyone know how Muladbucad Church took roots, church elder Bro. Santos L. Oli imparted an inspiring talk on the history of the church. This way everyone, from the old ones to the smallest child, was acquainted with how we all came to be brothers and sisters in Christ.

Of course, a special program such as this won’t be complete without a song to inspire hence; the Dawn Singers were invited to render a special song that touched everyone’s heart. The most important part of the program, the Dedicatory Sermon, was given by Pastor Polly Panganiban. He was the President of the Southern Luzon Mission during that time. The Act of Dedication was led by Southern Luzon Mission Executive Secretary Pastor Ely Garrado. And the new house of God in Muladbucad Grande Guinobatan, Albay was dedicated with a prayer led by Pastor Polly Panganiban. And again, the Dawn Singers from Ligao Church inspired everyone with a beautiful song. Indeed it was a day full of singing and prayer as the whole congregation sang “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow” as a way of thanks for his blessings and making the plan of a new church building become a reality. Finally, Pastor Enrile Mabaquiao ended the Muladbucad Church dedication with a benediction.

Praise God! It was truly a blessed day for everyone, especially the Muladbucad SDA Church members.